• Assumption Parish Admin Building and Courthouse
  • Westfield Sugar Mill
  • The Rainbow Inn
  • Pierre Part Docks stretching into the water
  • A metal, roofed gazebo with a religious figure inside, and a short brick sign nearby
  • Belle Alliance Plantation House
  • Four shrimp boats out on a bayou waterway
  • A wooden structure out on swamp water, with a wooden pathway and a sign saying crawfish
  • A bayou sunset
  • An alligator lying on grass
  • A boy and a woman at the end of a dock, pulling a line from the water and holding a fish net
  • A man fishing from a canoe in the bayou
  • Attakapas Landing docks
  • A distant view of the Assumption Parish Sugar Mill buildings and works
  • Madewood Plantation House, a white, two story house with Corinthian pillars
  • A river lined with docks, houses, and trees in the bayou

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