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Temporary Liquor License

  1. Assumption Parish Police Jury
    This form will be approved or denied by the Assumption Parish Police Jury at the next available Jury meeting.
  3. If approved and signed, the members of the alcoholic permit committee, appointed by the Police Jury of Assumption Parish, Louisiana, to supervise the issuance of parish licenses for alcoholic beverages, have no objection to the issuance of a license for the sale of alcohol.
  4. Approved Application must be submitted to:
    Assumption Parish Sheriff Office, P.O. Box 69 Napoleonville, LA 70390
  5. Applicant Data
  6. Enter the date you are requesting the permit for. If applying for a one day permit, put the date in both fields.
  7. Enter your first name
  8. Enter your last name
  9. Enter your address
  10. Enter your city
  11. Enter your zip code
  12. Enter your email address
  13. Enter your phone number
  14. Enter what organization you are 'Doing Business As'
  15. Enter address where alcohol will be sold
  16. Enter city where alcohol will be sold
  17. Enter the ward alcohol will be sold in
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