How far in advance should I call?
You should call as soon as you know when the work will be completed. Schedule your inspection and an inspector will be sent to your construction project at the earliest convenience.

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1. When should I call for an inspection?
2. What happens if I fail an inspection?
3. What do I need before I call for an inspection?
4. How far in advance should I call?
5. Should I say that I am ready for an inspection now, when in actuality I will be ready for the inspection tomorrow thinking that by doing so it will get the inspector to my job site on time?
6. What should I do if I accidentally move ahead in the construction process skipping an inspection?
7. What if I skip a major inspection such as pouring a concrete slab before getting a plumbing or pre-pour inspection? What can we do to work with me on this?
8. What are my options if I disagree with the results of an inspection? Is there an appeals process?