Myron Matherne

Police Jurors
Title: Ward 9 Juror
Phone: 985-252-9504
M Matherne


Mr. Myron Matherne represents the residents of Ward 9 in Assumption Parish. Mr. Matherne began his term as Police Jury of Ward 9 in January of 2000.


He presently serves as a member of following committees:

  • Drainage
  • Finance
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Road & Bridge
  • Solid Waste

Career & Community

Myron is employed by Muddy Bayou located in White Castle, LA. He and his wife reside in Belle River.


129 Timothy Street

Pierre Part, LA 70339

Work: (985) 252-4118

Ward Map

View the map of Ward 9 (PDF)

2010 United States Census data shows there are 2,479 people living in Ward 9.


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