Keep Assumption Beautiful

Keep Assumption Beautiful's Mission is to:
  • Remove Litter and Debris from roadsides and waterways
  • Plant trees, shrubs, and gardens
  • Cleans and restores nature trails, recreation area and playgrounds
  • Promotes recycling of plastics, cans, paper, and clothing
  • Teaches responsibility and stewardship
  • Involves Parish students in recycling and litter abatement activities

The Power Is Yours - Be an everyday Hero

Get involved. Be an Everyday Hero. Volunteering or donating is a great way to show that you support and care for your community.
  • Work on a school recycling project
  • Pick up litter around your neighborhood
  • Do your part , means doing more than just throwing away a candy wrapper
  • Spreading the word, that it is just as important as volunteering at a cleanup or recycling at home 
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Litter is Harmful
  • Our wildlife is in danger and habitats are being destroyed
  • Birds and marine life often become entangled in fishing line or consume cigarette butts
Litter is Illegal
  • The penalties for littering in Louisiana range from $150 to $10,000
  • This includes the possibility of community service, a one-year driver's license suspension and even 30 days in jail
Litter is Costly
  • In Louisiana, an estimated $40 million in taxpayer dollars are spent each year on litter removal
  • It costs $11.5 billion every yeatr to clean up litter in the U.S.
Litter is Preventable
  • 81% of litter is intentional
  • Motorists contribute more than 50% of all litter, and 16% comes from trucks with improperly covered loads.
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